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Secret Stash Xpress is a Lake Arrowhead Medical Marijuana Delivery Service formally featured on WeedMaps since April 2017 but now exclusively on

 Secret Stash Xpress brings high-quality cannabis products to medical marijuana patients in the cities that surround Lake Arrowhead. The team works closely with top industry professionals and Weedmaps Verified vendors to craft a menu with the finest products on the cannabis market and in the San Bernadino Mountains.

 The delivery team behind Secret Stash Xpress operates in full compliance with California Proposition 215. They are proud to offer knowledge recommendations on top cannabis products and deliver quality and peace of mind to Lake Arrowhead marijuana patients who cannot gain dispensary-access.

 Medical cannabis patients with questions can call the delivery service to speak with an experienced cannabis professional.

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Secret Stash Xpress Cannabis Delivery

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Secret Stash Xpress has always brought consistency  and quality to the mountain. -Anon



Secret Stash Xpress welcomes new Lake Arrowhead medical marijuana patients with an extra gram of flower any eighth. The collective has mix and match specials on flowers strains as well as daily specials on favorite menu items.

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To sign up with Secret Stash Xpress, Lake Arrowhead medical marijuana patients can email in a copy of their valid California doctor’s recommendation and ID. After patients have been verified and have placed their orders, a Secret Stash driver will deliver your items within the hour.

 Lake Arrowhead medical cannabis users can take advantage of free delivery with a $40 minimum donation and $60 after 8 p.m. Secret Stash Xpress only accepts cash as a form of payment.

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